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Frequently Asked Questions: Preparing for Your Appointment
Which health insurance plans do you accept?

We accept most major insurance plans including SoonerCare. Please call us if you have insurance coverage questions. If you are uninsured financial counseling and payment plans are available to assist you.

Please remember to bring your insurance card and any required co-pay with you.

Do I need to drink a lot of water before my ultrasound exam?

No, you don't need to drink large quantities of water before your exam. Our ultrasound equipment is designed to function without the patient having a full bladder. However, we ask that you do not empty your bladder just before your exam.

Will we be able to get pictures or a video of our ultrasound?

Yes, images will be printed and emailed to you.

Do you provide child care?

No, we do not provide dedicated child care. However, we do strive to provide a child-friendly office environment. Our exam rooms are large and comfortable, and there is room for children and a few visitors to accompany you. Please do not plan to leave your child unattended in the waiting room.

Do I need to arrive 15-30 minutes before my scheduled appointment?

No, please arrive on time or 5 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Unforeseen Emergencies

Please note that we are not a typical ob-gyn office. We do have occasional emergencies which require our immediate attention. We will always do our best to keep you informed. Please understand, if your appointment is delayed, we are trying to provide optimal care to all of our patients.

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The Perinatal Center of Oklahoma strives to combine comfortable, family-friendly surroundings with the latest diagnostic technologies. Our office suite includes multiple ultrasound rooms, standard exam rooms, a non-stress testing room, and large consultation rooms.

Our ultrasound rooms are equipped with GE Voluson ultrasound systems. These state-of-the-art systems are capable of producing detailed three dimensional pictures of the fetus, and they can also detect blood flow and movement. Both ultrasound rooms are equipped with large plasma screen monitors which allow easy, real-time viewing of the ultrasound images by family members.